As you read in my previous blog post, I am all about sculpting faces. Being able to bring out beings and creatures from inspiring photos or your imagination is a joy. There are a lot of anatomy & expression references sources available. Here are my three favorites:

The Artist's Guide by Gary Faigin, FaeMaker by Dawn M. Schiller and Fairies gnomes & trolls by Maureen Carlson

There are sculptors that carve away or into the clay from a block to bring out the sculpture from within. My preferences, from practicing the last few years, is to start with a simple base of clay and build onto that.

Then placing eye sockets, eyeballs, lids, forehead or brows, philtrum ( vertical indentation in the middle area of the upper lip ), cheeks, bottom lip and then chin. It is a simple few steps that I follow every time. But it gives me the freedom to tweak and change the motion of the clay faces expression as I shape the facial features of my sculpture.

I prefer to just let the clay lead me with a loose image, dream or inspiration in mind. Like this crazy smile. I only wanted to use a part of the face to convey the feelings I dreamt up.

I have found that I prefer silicone tipped tools. It does take a bit of repetitive practice to learn just how much pressure or drag you need to apply to smooth & blend your layers together on the clay. Sculpey has a great set of the double-ended Style and Detail tools. The ball tip ends are also great for creating eye sockets and nostril details.

So TAKE YOUR TIME, HAVE FUN and SMOOOOOTH over and over till you are pleased with what you see.

Lets see what faces you create. Show us #HowDoYouSculpey - Amy Hucks