“Hungry Fungus", made with Sculpey Premo™

When I was asked what I like best about Sculpey and especially how I use it, at first I did not know what to say. Honestly the answer is not that easy! Thinking about what I use polymer clay for, and specifically Sculpey, I can not give you a straight forward answer. I am not doing just “one thing". I am creating in a number of styles and I am constantly mixing things up and re-inventing them. Thinking about that made it even more complicated, definitely not easier to answer the question.

So I tried to narrow it down and describe what exactly makes Sculpey my clay of choice?

After giving these thoughts some time and rolling them back and forth, it suddenly dawned on me: of course it is not “one thing", I can do ALL the things with Sculpey! What ever I might choose to create, Sculpey has the right product to fill my needs! If I am working with mixed media: I use Sculpey Soufflé™! If I am sculpting: I use Super Sculpey®! If I need something light for big projects: I use Sculpey® Ultra Light as a base, and either Sculpey Premo™ or Sculpey Soufflé™!  as a veneer! I even can find products for my more crazy projects and very special ideas, like eraser clay, bake and bond or my new love Liquid Sculpey® (more about that later!).

One of my very first earrings with cane work. Made with Sculpey Premo™.

If I think about how I started working with polymer clay, I can say I have grown with using Sculpey over time. I was very much drawn to canes and creating with canes at first: Sculpey Premo™ is my clay of choice for that. It holds the patterns perfectly while still being easy to condition and being strong after curing.

Sculpey Soufflé™!  

Caning got me into jewellery making. So I started using Sculpey Soufflé™!  more and more, because of its light weight and the wonderful velvety surface. Also, it is the perfect canvas for all kinds of paint and ink applications.

Liquid Sculpey® and Sculpey Premo™

Not too long ago I started working a lot with liquid clay as a medium (versus just as a glue, like a lot of people use it). In my next upcoming blog post I will talk more about that.

I have been working with Sculpey for decades now and I still have not come across an idea I could not create with one of the Sculpey products! And it is in my point of view superior to other clay, in terms of how easy it is to condition but also how strong it becomes after curing. That definitely makes it my favorite clay to use!  Every ideas or experiments I am trying out, Sculpey does the job and so is my trusted companion!

Sculpey Premo™ and Sculpey Soufflé™!  

Sculpey is a very innovative company. As soon as they have a new product, you can bet that I will try to get my hands on it! And, of course, see what I can get out of it. That has led me to a number of great new ideas, projects and a ton of experiments. Not everything is something I want to follow, but I do think that this way of working has stretched my comfort zone quite a bit and helped to improve my work overtime.

Sculpey Soufflé™

All in all I think what I like most about Sculpey is the variety of possibilities and the innovation of new products to boost my creativity! Thank you Sculpey for that and making my work better and more versatile! And I can truly say THAT is how I Sculpey. #HowDoYouSculpey

Sculpey Premo™