1.       True or False – you can mix new colors using our current colors of clay?            

  Answer- True! Sculpey oven bake clays come in hundreds of amazing bright colors but the best part is that you can create your own unique shades by mixing them together!

2.       True or False – You use a kiln to cure polymer clay?        

    Answer – False! You do not cure oven bake clay in a kiln

3.       True or False - You bake Polymer clay in a home oven?             

Answer – True! Sculpey oven bake clay bakes in your home oven or toaster oven! 

4.       True or false – Sculpey clay bakes at a lower temperature than chocolate chip cookies?             

Answer – True! Sculpey cures in your oven at the low temperature of 275 F which is lower than chocolate chip cookies!

5.       True or False – If you leave Sculpey oven bake clay out it will dry out.             

Answer – False! Sculpey oven bake clay stays soft until you bake it in your home oven.  It will not dry out in the air!