Wow! End of's hot, humid and not a breath of air here at the beach right now.  But it's time to look forward to Halloween!  I created a really fun multi-media necklace with a Halloween theme last year that I want to share with you.  It's a lariat necklace, which means that the ends don't attach to each other, but you wrap the chain around your neck and the ends of the chain come down and add to the design of the necklace.  It also means that you can adjust the length of the necklace!


I mean could I resist Alice In Wonderland with a Halloween theme? (Graphic 45).  The edge of the main pendant "watch" is extruded clay and the little gears on the side hide the seam. Simple pinrolls are embellished with orange "pearls" made with the small Etch and Pearl tool.  Here is a more closeup view.

The paper for the tags is pressed onto the sheet of clay, but not glued.  A similiar piece is on the back of the tag.  This not only makes the tag two-sided, but the application of paper to BOTH sides keeps the clay piece from developing a slight curl once it's baked.  I dug through my stashes of stuff and found enough locks and keys and little crystals to complete the look!


It may be hot and humid here, but the sunsets are ridiculous! 






   See you next time on the blog (or the beach)!