This Hoppy Valentines Day Frog is adorable and simple to create.   It is great for a little love gift or holiday decor.

Baking Clay for Adorable Holiday Decor


I used my designs for inspiration along with a new package of Bake Shop clay.


To make the frog, I did the following...

  • Roll the green around until it is soft then hand mold into a frog.
  • Add two white balls of rolled clay for eyes then do the same with black for eyeballs.
  • Make tiny red hearts for the frog body and mold them into the green.
  • Add pink circles for cheeks and thin black smile.

If you want the heart balloon, mold it from red then use a piece of wire for the string so it will stand up after baking.


Follow the baking directions in the package.  Ta Da!


Here is a fun printable that matches your little hoppy frog.  You can download it FREE HERE!

Valentine Frog Printable

Cheers to Making Others Hoppy for Valentines Day,