I'm home from the Oklahoma Twister Retreat and I already miss all my new clay friends.  I thought I would make a quick post here before I started the tedious process of unpacking all my clay stuff in the studio.  It always seems that when I'm packing to go I keep saying to myself, "Oh, I HAVE to take this!" And then when I get home I keep saying to myself, "Why did I think I needed ALL THIS?"

We had some incredible things created in the transfer class!  I provided transfers of lots of images that could be colored after they were baked and the students also created a transfered texture bracelet. (BTW Dick Blick has alcohol ink pens on sale 50% off through August!  I use their house brand, but was impressed with the Noir pens at CHA.)

The Four Faux class was a riot - we started with Mokume Gane and it was the hit of the day.  I had to keep saying, "MOVING ON.." We also did some faux amber, turquise and finished with faux leather bracelets (some of which were adorned with the faux turquoise!)

I also got to introduce the members to the polymer space alien that is Ultra Light clay in a make-it-and-take it. (I adore UL- it has properties like no other clay!) We certainly had a blast with all the new Sculpey tools, textures and clay colors.  I kinda got a crush on Twinkle Twinkle, although Ms. Glitter, who was in attendance, out crushed me on ALL the glitter clays!  Here is a little Glitter Gane I did using several of the glitter clays and a touch of Premo Gold.   The pattern is created by one of the new Sculpey Technique tools. Ms. Gotta-Have-It-All (Chris Crossland) proved her nickname by talking me out of the finished pendant on the left!