You know how we often see things and say to ourselves (or out no one in particular..)

“Hey, I could do that with clay!” I distinctly remember in my first glory days of clay when my friend (who also had just starting claying) and I were walking through the deck of the coffee shop at UCSD and she literally grabbed a guy's coffee cup off the table and shouted to me, “Hey, look at this! We could do this in clay!” She was referring to the pattern in the glaze, but of course NO ONE around us had any idea what we were talking about, including the mystified guy who actually owned the cup.

Anyway, I was a loyal viewer of Project Accessory this season, hoping to be able to shout “Hey, I could do that in clay!” at least twice during a show. At the beginning of every show, the hostess was shown in wearing this very on-trend large link necklace so I would get my first shout in before the actual segment even started.

I found myself with a rare hour of free claying the other day and decided to build the necklace.

I started with Premo Antique Gold clay in a #1 sheet. I cut the links in irregular shapes and textured them with a large stamp after I cut them. When I cut them, I made sure that the shapes “fit” with the adjoining shape and that the holes for the links were lined up with the fit. Once they were baked I antiqued them and made some large jump rings to attach them. Since the rings were so large, I used a cool little trick that I learned from my fellow Design Squad member, Amy Koranek, and added some glass beads to the link to add some more interest to the big jump ring.

I love to wear this necklace and each time I do, people say, "Wow, what a cool antique necklace and it fits you so perfectly!"   HEY! You could do that with clay!!  What color will your big link necklace be?  Copper? Silver?