Wow, what a weird month I've had!  Deadlines out the whazoo, (15 canvases finished!) a whirlwind trip to Florida to see my parents, grandmother, aunts, uncles, and great aunt and great uncle and friends, and then- gasp!  I come home with a case of CHICKEN POX!  And on my birthday to boot- so I couldn't even see friends and family!  I mean really!  It's ridiculous!  At MY age!  I had forgotten what a wallop the pox carried, of course I was younger the last time I had them! 



I hate being inactive and feeling I "wasted" the day, so I just sort of piddled around the house, doing small projects, that didn't take long, as I didn't have the energy for much more than 15- 20 minutes at a time. I was really feeling the pressure that I didn't feel up to a 3- 4 hour project, yet I also felt STRONGLY that I needed to create SOMETHING. 



I figured I missed my birthday, so I am looking ahead to the next holiday that we will celebrate in my house- Valentines day.  I ended up making an ENTIRE shoe box full of textured hearts and other embellishments from Sculpey Ultralight.  It didn't take much energy to roll them out since Ultralight is so soft, nor to press pattern in them with my polymer stamps. 



I've included a few shots of HOW I have used my embellishments in the past, specifically on my mixed media canvas pieces.  Now that I'm getting back up on my feet, I sort of feel "ahead of the game" as I have all these wonderful embellishments to use later this year!



I hope your year is looking good in love already!  Once I stop scratching, I'm sure MY year is going to be the best one yet!  So many ideas are scrambling around in my head for great clay projects! 

*Long distance, non-contact Hugs*