Bonjour!  Kari here-sort of.

I hope this finds you enjoying your summer~(or winter...depending where in the world you may be.)  As this blog posts, I will be enjoying teaching a workshop in France!  I have many Sculpey projects we will be working on, and can't wait to show you the results upon my return!


Until then, I hope you will smile at my little homage to winter!  I have always loved snowmen, in my yard, or as art.  I think they remind me of spending time with my Daddy when he would go out and build them with us as children, precious time he gave up to do something silly with us.  Mom would provide all the embellishments scarves, purses, hats and carrots, along with the hot chocolate when we got back inside.  I have many decorative snowmen for the cold weather season here in Ohio, but nothing during the summer.  So my little "Sandmen" were born.


I made three balls of Sculpey III clay in graduated sizes and using a wooden skewer and Translucent Liquid Sculpey to anchor them, I stacked them, pushing the largest ball on first and flattening it out a little bit so the little fellow would sit level.  Then I gathered some driftwood bits that were of similar size, and pushed them in for arms and removed them again.  Using some white Sculpey I made eyes and mouth pieces.  On to the baking process, in my dedicated clay oven.  I made sure I was baking to the proper times and temps, according to the clay wrapper.  After cooling, I stuffed the 'arm holes' with some paper towel pieces and coated one section of the figure at a time with Titebond Woodglue and sprinkled it with sand and let that section dry.  I continued until the entire figure was well coated to build up the texture.  I then sprayed the entire figure (except the bottom) with Krylon spray adhesive, and rolled it in a bowl of sand as the finishing coat.  I removed the paper towel and replaced the arms, anchoring them with E-6000.   I chose small carrot shaped shells for the noses and rounder shells as "buttons" or "jewelry" for my Sandmen, and adhered them with E-6000.  I gathered the baked mouth pieces and eyes, added some color with Sharpie markers and attached them with the E-6000.  Once I had finished the first one, just like when I was a child, I insisted the fun continue a little longer, by making the family to go with my Sandman.