Hello again!  Wow, I can't believe it's December already!  Where has this year gone so quickly?


I'm very pleased to be back this month blogging and honored to be on board for another year with the Sculpey Design Team!


What have I been up to?  Well, actually, developing a new line of jewelry and lots of production work for the new and the old lines. 


When there's work to be done, play for creative play's sake is hard to schedule.  But my community art center, the Octagon Center for the Arts in Ames, Iowa, sponsors an annual fine craft exhibition.  I've been involved with the Octagon in various ways for about 20 years.  I sell through the shop, teach there occasionally, and have even served two terms as a board member.  However, none of that counts when it comes to the juried exhibitions--it's all up the juror.  This show, called the "Clay-Fiber" show includes all fine craft media and I've entered at least a dozen years and have been included several times.  Last year, my face pendant beads made it. 


So it's entry deadline time again. Last week and over the weekend, I decided to do a series of silver and polymer pendants.  I had to brush off my soldering skills because these are fabricated, two sided frames made with textured fine silver metal clay and sterling strip.  After the pendant frames were finished, I filled them with polymer.  Here's a sneek peek:

The image on this side was a bit of scrap clay that I had to rescue when I was consolidating and cleaning up the table.  Just that bit of red and white stripe against the dark looked like a flag waving in a dark, mysterious night.  Here's the other side of the pendant:

This was bits of surface designs and a tiny cane.  Overall, this pendant is about 1" x 2".  Next, I got a little more geometric and designed a new mold for the first side of this one:

I doodled and carved the mold.  This side is filled with a faux turquoise mixture of translucent, turquoise clay, and embossing powder.

Side two is a mica shift in a bit of Skinner blend using the same mold as on the silver portion of the frame.  Lastly, I decided to get crazy and loose the geometry:

This side has a bit of faux ivory and a slice of a cane from my drawer of canes that were too much work to just turn into scrap clay!

Side two also has some more of the faux ivory, a spot of marble-y red and another leftover cane slice.  This cane is leftover from a project in my upcoming new book which will be out in a few months.


So wish me luck.  As I said, this is a juried show, so it's all up to the juror whether any of them get in. 


I'll be back soon with some attention focused on the holiday season and some holiday craft ideas!