Halloween is my favourite event of the year! Every year I will make miniatures for Halloween using just polymer clay. Sweets and candy are important for this holiday and polymer clay miniatures can give that sugary effect.


These iced-sugar cookies are made from Sculpey Ultralight (cookie base) and TLS + polymer clay (icing). Mix TLS with the colour of your choice and use a toothpick to paint the cookie. Use Sculpey Glow in the Dark Clay for the ghost icing and create something extra spooky!

Untangle bits of cotton wool to create spider webs.


Create your own Haunted House Chocolate entirely with clay. TIP: Mix TLS with chocolate clay to form a smooth paste. Draw on a tile to create the creepy trees. Sculpey Green is the best colour to use in your Halloween sculptures.


Various Halloween sweets in Chocolate Coffins.

Make the skull and spiderweb canes for sweets. TIP: Always use 2 contrasting colours to emphasize the details of the cane. Each piece is only 3-4mm in diameter.

Gummy worms can be made using Sculpey translucent colours.


Premo Gray granite is a brilliant colour that you can use to make miniature toombstones. Use silver Clay for the crosses on the Chocolate Coffin.


Remember to mute the colours by adding white and translucent clay when you are making 'cake batter'.

Mix clay with an equal amount of translucent and shape into popsickles. Cut the sticks from thin balsa wood. Polish after curing to give it a natural satin sheen.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Halloween creations. If you are making miniature pumpkins for the season, make sure to use Sculpey Soufflé in Pumpkin.