Well October is here and I decided to dig out my Halloween decorations.   I don't have too many but I love to put out what I have.  Having a few decorations around the house just makes the holidays feel more festive and fun!

I love to put things away and then take them out each year.   Sometimes you forget what you have.

As I was searching I came across my favorite little box full of Halloween treasures.   Every now and then my boys will make things out of clay with me.   They are actually teenagers now and not so into it any more.  Ho hum.

Many years back though when they were quite little they made these wonderful little Halloween guys.

We were using Original White Sculpey clay at the time and then painting our finished pieces.   I just love these!!

Every year when I take them out of the box they make me smile.   I look at them and admire how creative my

boys were (and still are) :)   I also remember fondly the day we made them, spending the afternoon together all quiet and focused on our work.   I will cherish these all the days of my life.   These little guys will decorate my shelves every year and bring me joy!

I just want to zoom in on a couple of these just because I think they deserve special recognition.

Check out this jack-o-lantern, he is hollow just like a real one. My son made holes for his eyes, nose and mouth.   He even sculpted a little candle flame to put inside and then made the top to go on.   Isn't that pretty cool?!


Here is another fun one.   I had some extruded clay I think hanging around (use it for hair on mermaids and things)

Well he made this cool ball guy with it and then painted it with some awesome colors.

Here is a jack-o-lantern that I made that day with my little boys with Original Sculpey.   Next to it is an owl sitting on a pumpkin that I made last week with Premo! clay.


Polymer clay is such a wonderful medium to create decorations of all kinds.  These little guys have inspired me to come up with some new ideas for this year.