We are having a blast here in Oklahoma Twister retreat!  I was prepared to teach 2 4 hour classes and a photo demo.WhenI got here Penni Jo Couch, who heads this retreat says "great! and what are you going to do for your 2 make-it-nd-take-its?" Well, Im sure my face registered complete shock. apparently we had talked about it last October at my home retreat in San Diego. Seriously, I don't remember last week, let alone last October!  Fortunately, Sculpey has such a variety of clays and tools, we had the two worked out in 5 minutes. First one was a blast! Everyone finally found out what those mystery tools, Etch and Pearls, can be used for. Today is a UltraLight discussion and simple pendant, followed by a big transfer class tonight.


I promise to post pics as soon as I get home this weekend. As usual in the polymer community, everyone here is so friendly and talented! and yes i'm typing this in an Oklahoma accent!