If you've followed me for any amount of time now, you know that I absolutely love Premo! by Sculpey clays in all their forms. But you also know that more than anything, I love making my own new colors from their base colors. Here's a few of my favorite recipes over the years and a few others I think you will love.

Premo! by Sculpey has a great range of green polymer clay, but it also needs some sprucing up. That's where knowing your color wheel and how to mix colors comes in handy. I love playing with color, mixing color, and making my own colors. And for any of you who have ever adopted any of my creations know, they are always vibrantly colorful, but 90% of those colors are ones that I have made myself.


When it comes to plants & polymer clay, there's a few Premo! colors that you don't want to be without:

  • Spanish Olive - An excellent natural green as it's not candy colored and blends nicely. It has a definitely yellow undertone, so blend accordingly.
  • Ecru (Do not leave home without) - This color will transform any color in your palette instantly. I use this in so many colors when I want something to instantly be "earth toned" or look more natural.
  • Raw Sienna - A very natural wood grain tone, but you MUST add ecru to it.
  • Jungle - A blue based green, add a touch of purple and MAGIC!
  • Green - This is a very candy green, but can be a base for any green you'd like to make on your own.
  • Wasabi (My favorite) - This is almost yellow and not really a green in my opinion. But it's a great blender for all sorts of colors.


I've picked a few color recipes I think you'll really like, especially if you're making up some of the wide variety of plant tutorials I picked for you earlier in the month.

It's been my pleasure to write for you this month. I hope that you've enjoyed the series and had some plant inspiration this month! Enjoy our plant, enjoy looking at the beauty of the earth, and most especially, enjoy using it as inspiration for the things that you create.

Happy claying and sculpt your dreams,