Ahhh, my favorite time of year is here again. The oppressive heat of summer has lost it's grip on Central Ohio (at least I hope so) and the leaves on the trees are slowly giving up their green. I can't wait for all of the vivid, rich hues to dot the landscape once again. I hope to share several fall inspired tips & ideas with you over the next few weeks. As a fare-thee-well to summer though, I thought I would share a little gem that I discovered a few weeks ago when I was playing around with the concept of a bee inspired clay "painting". If you love those darling winged pollinators, and want to make some of your own honey-inspired artwork, give the Gold Liquid Sculpey a try. I dripped some of the liquid gold around pieces of the faux honeycomb that I made and was very impressed with the end result. It was thick enough that it didn't run right off the canvas but thin enough that it did gently droop around the edges. Let me know what you think! - Miranda Randi Farrand