These glow in the dark jar pets are perfect for the fall holiday season.  They are made with Sculpey Glow in the Dark Clay in just a few simple steps.


Glow in the Dark Pets

To make the individual creatures in the jars,  I hand molded the glow in the dark clay.  I created a standing piece for each jar and one to hang from the cork lids.  For the bat, I molded a tree.  For the ghost, I molded the pumpkin.  The pumpkin is my favorite.

Pumpkin Parts

Pumpkin Clay

I cut two wire ornament hangers in half and put half of each into the hanging pieces.

Wire Hangers in Clay

I baked the clay following the instructions in the package.  Then I put the other half of the wire hangers into the cork lids to create a place to dangle the ghost and the bat.

Clay Bat on Wire Hanger

Ta Da!

Clay Bat Pet in a Jar Sculpey

Clay Ghost on Wire Pet in Jar

The funnest part of all is seeing them GLOW!  Here is the tree and the pumpkin IN THE DARK!

Glow in the Dark

This project is SUPER COOL and really fun too.

Happy Creating,


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