In Texas the weather can be crazy. We had seventy degree temps on Friday and Monday it was in the twenties with freezing rain and sleet. The roads were iced over and so I was stuck in the house.

I wanted to do something creative. So I started looking around for inspiration. This time it was the stained glass panel I made years ago that is hanging in my kitchen window. I thought I could make a cane with the same design.  Stained glass patterns make great cane patterns.  I made some streaky color blends to simulate the swirled patterns in the glass.  And just like when I made the stained glass I spent more time deciding on the colors then I did on the construction.  The panel had a four part repeating pattern so I just needed to make one quarter, reduce add the central circle and I had my design.  I like to think of this pattern as an apple design.

Next I wanted to make a simple bracelet. Slices of the reduced cane were cured around a glass to give it a nice curve. Then the slices were joined together with jump rings.  Amazing what I can do when iced in for the day.

Stained glass 1

stained glass 2