Well, the wrapping has begun!  I actually love to wrap gifts.  I love to go out and pick out the wrapping paper.  I am

kind of picky about it.  I like to get a few different kinds with matching ribbon and bows.  When it's time to wrap

I get all my supplies ready and spread out on the floor and turn on some Christmas music.  This really gets me in the spirit!   I just love a pretty package.

Something that I like to do is tie on a little ornament to packages to make them extra special and pretty.

My boys always like to give something small to their teachers.  Our favorite thing to do is make white and dark

chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles.   We put them in bags and tie them with bows.   It's nice to add a little ornament to each.    These ornaments are a great addition to little bags or plates of cookies, candies, and pretzels!

They are so simple and fun for kids to make too.

To make these little ornaments  simply roll out some clay.  If you have  a clay machine you can use the #1 setting.

For the first ornaments shown I used Wilton Fondant cutters.   These are available at your local craft store.

The neat thing is they come in sets of 3 sizes for each shape.   For the heart and star ornaments I used

the middle sized cutter and the small cutter.   So cut out your larger shape then use the smaller cutter to cut the same shape in the center.   How easy is that!   Really pretty though!   You can always add some glitter or

pearl-ex powders to take it a step further.

For the second set of ornaments I used the same cutters. (medium size)  This time I used a small set of mini stampers and

stamped designs into the clay shape.   I added a hole at the top.  Once baked and cooled I dry brushed some gold

acrylic paint over the top to give it some shine and bring out the design.  Add a nice gold piece of organdy ribbon

and there you have it.  (dry brushing is simply using a dry paint brush with no water and very little paint and just quickly brushing a very light coat of paint on your piece)

Well happy wrapping!   Hope you can find time to really enjoy it.