Recently a newfound clay friend posted a picture of a neat little organizer that would keep each package of opened clay pristine & clean & easy to use. In the ensuing conversation, I said that I keep mine in a jumbled mess tossed willy-nilly into gallon-sized zip lock bags by color family (greens, blues, browns, reds, etc.).

I tried to be neat once, I really did; for a couple of days at least. It doesn’t work for me. I find more “order” and inspiration from the mess than I would if I were carefully to put everything back in its proper place. I know it’s just the opposite for some people…and I hold a little bit of envy for them.

I suppose if you were making jewelry or some other creation that demanded exactness; it would be a good idea to keep your work area & supplies nice and tidy. Fortunately, with my crazy critters, imperfections or quirky color combinations, add to their charm.

Have fun claying whether you are neat or not  IMG_6671IMG_2987IMG_6194