Hello to all my polypals and future friends, this month I would love to share with you an inspiration resource that I use, in my first polymer clay "tips" blog for March. I am hooked on "web surfing" for inspiration. I figure, all that information and visual creativity is just sitting there, waiting for us to discover it, like jewels in a treasure chest of ideas!

Outside inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. Places that you may not ordinarily think of, such as websites that sell posters. Yep, posters. These sites include of a wide variety of unique styles of paintings that transfer well to polymer clay. I love to look at different color combinations, shapes and textures created by artists. The oval shapes poster/painting to your left, named "Aqua Fria" by Rex Ray, even looks like polymer clay to me...can you see it too? And I love the color combo as well. It's easy to translate what I see visually to clay techniques, such as faux bone/ivory, a scratchy texture antiqued with black acrylic paint and stippled paint on clay. I can also imagine a glaze, created with alcohol ink tinted Translucent Liquid Sculpey, applied with a stiff brush creating subtle streaks in the clay. Then my mind wanders to a project idea. How cool would it be to make a wall hanging, possibly on a canvas (I love fellow Design Squad member Kari's canvases!), a sampler of techniques if you will, with long ovals placed together like a mosaic.

And when you do find a painting or design you like, click on the artist's name to see more. I clicked on "Rex Ray" and found fantastic color combinations with the same and similar shapes in his "Flamenco" painting (to your right). I especially like the second (of the four) design strip for its color combination and unique shapes. Did you notice the Skinner blend in the center of the elongated shape? And the vertical ovals in shades of gray on a black background would be a fun cane to create.

You can be inspired and at the same time reel in some fresh creativity for your polymer clay work by web surfing. Learn to "glean" from other great artists' expressions and visual applications and talents. Then, make it your own, using YOUR one of a kind artistic voice. I'll leave you with a word for today...

glean  Verb

1. Extract (information) from various sources.
Collect gradually and bit by bit.
Synonyms  gather - collect - pick up

Happy Claying!