For the Love of Junque by Teresa Pandora Salgado

I remember when Re-purposing was called Recycling. I think recycling was a better word, because our trash and treasures really do go through a cycle, don’t they? The pen holder shown here is a Knott’s Berry Farm jam jar that I lost the lid to. The bowl is a battered old survivor of a matched set. Most people feel guilty for hanging on these sad artifacts; but I don’t. You never know when you’re going to need it. After all, someone might call you up and say, “Hey, can you make me a Game of Thrones-ish desk set with a four-inch-high lidless jar and a scratched up leftover bowl?” And you know what I’ll say? I’ve got just the thing”.

Johnny's Set

Scupey Premo! In White Translucent and Copper, Sculpey Souffle in Pesto, Latte Cowboy, Cherry Pie and Canary. Sculpey Bake n’ Bond. Christi Friesen Surface FX Powder in Flash.