Finding Your Routine

Finding Your Routine to Enhance Your Creativity by KatersAcres for Polyform

Finding your routine for a creative person is essential. A routine can help us settle in. Routine can help us to automatically perceive things about our environment. Today we are going to discuss finding your routine to help you in your creative process.

What is a Routine?

A routine are the things that you do either naturally, by disciple, or by choice repeatedly. Routine happens all around you. Perhaps you have a nighttime routine: wash face, brush teeth, brush hair, sip tea, and go to sleep. Maybe you have a morning routine: wake up, sip coffee, read paper, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and off to work. Routine happens all around us whether we recognize it or not. Routines have been shown to be clinically helpful in many areas of life from productivity to falling asleep at night.

Finding Your Routine

As creatives, it can also be essential to have a creative routine. Finding your routine may be very easy. You may already have one and not even know it. Or you may lack one. In that case, starting a routine for you may be a key component to a creative flow. Finding your routine is something that will greatly increase your chances for creativity. It's also creating a creative "habit" that will allow you to begin the process of getting in the creative zone. For each and every one of us, our routine will be different. Our routine is dependent on our personalities, motivation, and art form.

Your creative routine will be different than mine and that's okay!

Keep in mind that your creative routine will be different from mine. And it should be! Why? Because we are different. I hope that by sharing my creative routine with you that it will help you to form your own. That way you too can experience a successful overflow of creativity, ideas, and joy that comes from the simplicity of a routine.

  1. Have Project or Direction in Mind. This is especially divisive for many artists. Many artists do not like to have a plan; they like to go with the flow. I am different however. I rarely go into the studio without some kind of direction. I still listen to instinct, but I always start down a general path.
  2. Make a cup of coffee. There's nothing that let's me know it's "time to work" more than the smell of fresh coffee brewing in my studio. It's like it awakens my imagination! That same cup of coffee may last several hours (I have a coffee warmer it sits on), but the smell of that coffee initially gets me going.
  3. "Open" My Studio. Depending on the season, my studio isn't officially "open" until the heat is on, the a/c is on, or the coffee warmer is on. Sometimes it's a combination of the above.
  4. Put on My Apron. I have two aprons. One is full of paint and gets washed about twice a year (usually before a workshop so I am not a complete embarrassment). The other is a half apron and covers my legs only, just to wipe brushes and things on. My apron reminds me that 'I'm ready' to work! It's like a mental signal that all is well and it's time to set my mind to art!
  5. Work Area is Clean. Generally I never leave the studio a mess. I always clean up when I am done and before I leave again. But sometimes (especially if I'm working with light colored clay), I'll take a few extra minutes to be sure my work surface is extra clean.
  6. Turn on Audible. This is not an always thing for me. About 50% of the time I work in the perfect serenity of quiet. I cherish quiet. I relish it. But some of the time, I enjoy being carried away with a good book.

If you are having trouble getting in the groove of your creative swing, I hope that you take the time and give consideration to finding your routine when in comes to your creativity. I truly feel that this small step can make a huge difference in your overall success as an artist.

Thanks for joining me today,

Clay on my friends,