Do you ever get an idea stuck in your head and you just HAVE to work it out in clay? I'm recovering from foot surgery and was not able to get out to my “deluxe designer studio” (also called the garage) for several weeks. So I asked my ever-patient son, Koji, to go fill a box with some stuff from the studio and bolt my Clay Conditioning Machine to a TV tray for me.

I was happy as a clam with my foot propped up and clay in my hands again!

This will eventually make such a fun Halloween pendant and I think I'm going to make matching earrings. I just made a ball of Premo Wasabi Green about 3/4 inch in diameter. I I laid it on a sheet of Premo Purple Pearl and I pushed it all into the mold and trimmed off the edges with my Super Slicer.

Then I used the Sculpey crinkle edged blade to make a cut in the top center of the cabochon. To get the cut to spread, I made another little cylinder of the leftover green and pushed it into the back of the cabochon, so I could spread the cut a little more.

Add the orange polka dots, either by hand or using the small Sculpey Etch & Pearl Tool.

A small coil of Premo Green clay and some leaves were all that was needed to create the the bail.