I love the season of Fall.  I don't get into Halloween much, and I'm relieved now that my kids are a little older that I don't have to deal with costumes and trick or treating anymore.  But I love the changing seasons, the leaves changing colors, then making piles that crunch underfoot.  (Thankfully, we live in the country and blow our leaves from around the house down our tree-covered hillside and let nature take care of them!)  What does this all have to do with polymer, you ask?

I've been playing with Polyform's mini cutter sets.  Especially the leaf cutters from the Nature set.

Using Polyform's Nature Mold

Oak, maple and birch leaf cuttersWhile it is entirely within my personality to spend hours carving or detailing tiny sculptures or painting intricate designs, I have learned many tricks as a production jewelry maker.  One of these is that when you make something over and over, make a mold, use a cutter the exact shape and size you choose, and keep notes about what tools are used for different catalog items.  So with this in mind, I made a pattern sheet of very thin leaves, added details and some filler elements (raised and depressed dots) in the background.  I used Original Sculpey for this because it takes detail nicely.

Then, I made a mold from the original texture sheet using Sculpey Bake and Bend clay:

Finally, the mold is ready to use.  Now the possibilities are almost limitless.  Dark clay with mica powders, lighter colors highlighted with acrylic, or, as this pendant demonstrates, faux ceramic using a tinted Liquid Sculpey Glaze over pearl/white Premo.  And, I don't mean to compete with syndee, the Glitter Queen, but I did add a little glitter to the mix with the mica powders!

With my mold, I can now make fall-themed jewelry of many styles quickly and easily.  I can just see texture sheets of Christmas designs using cutters from the Holiday and Sweets mini cutter sets, too!  Hmmm....