I’m crazy about Premo White Translucent. I’ve used it in all kinds of projects, from sculpture to caning; but the easiest things to do with translucents are tinting and silk screening. This easy project will use those techniques and have you dreaming up all kinds of variations. Have fun and make several pairs. Everyone will want them!
You will need:

1 pkg Premo White translucent

Sculpey Premo Accents White Gold Glitter

Pea-sized bits of your desired tint colors

Sculpey Silk Screen Kit

Sculpey Gloss Glaze

Jump rings and ear wires

Hotfix crystals

Sculpey Graduated Teardrop Cutters

Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine

Making Jewelry With Premo! White Translucent

(null)Tint as many colors of translucent as you wish. Start with 1/4pkg of translucent blended with a small ball of color. Adjust colors as desired. Create sheet(s) of tinted translucent on #5 setting and lay them out on your baking surface. Silk Screen with the silver paint included in the Sculpey Kit. Cut out earrings with the teardrop cutter in the size you wish. Leave the cutouts on the baking surface and bake for 10 minutes with a foil tent. Cool and remove from baking surface. Make a tiny ball of Accents White Gold Glitter and cut it in half. Sandwich the teardrop point and jump ring between the two halves of the ball and press together. Bake for 30 minutes with foil tent. Cool, glaze and let dry. Add crystals with superglue. Attach wire and enjoy!