Yesterday with the help of my mini-me, I experimented with Glow-In-The-Dark or GITD polymer clay. She took notes while I dictated what I was doing. The idea was to discover if any other light clay could be mixed with Sculpey III Glow-in-the-Dark and still retain the glow. For our experiment, we used Sculpey III Glow-in-the-dark, Premo Translucent, Premo Pearl and Premo Opal clay and a ghost cookie cutter press.

Having Fun With Sculpey Glow-in-the-Dark Polymer Clay

  1. The first step in the experiment was to create our baseline. We conditioned and stamped one ghost from pure Glow-in-the-Dark clay. This clay by itself as very sticky and soft. It was difficult to release from the ghost press.
  2. For step number two, we used one part Glow-in-the-Dark clay with one part Premo Translucent. This mixture was smooth and less sticky. It released well from the ghost press.
  3. Step number three used one part Glow-in-the-Dark clay and one part Premo Pearl clay. This mixture was the easiest to manage when trying to release from the ghost press.
  4. Step number four we decided to give Premo Accents Opal a try. October is my mini-me's birth month and with Opal being the birthstone, how could we resist? The one part Glow-in-the-Dark to one part Opal clay was extremely sticky and lumpy to work with.
  5. Step five involved recycling. We had so much clay left over from the prior steps, that we took 2 parts of the Step 1 and 1/2 parts of Step 2 and 3 and mixed them together. With the high ratio of Glow-in-the-Dark clay, it was a sticky mixture to work with.

To finish with the experiment, I baked all of the ghosts on a tile per package directions. I was a little distracted and baked a little longer/hotter than I should have, so the ghosts turned out a tad yellowish. We applied black acrylic paint to the eyes, mouth and accent lines to help them show up in the dark. As you can see from the photos, all of the mixtures retained Glow-in-the-Dark features. The pure GITD is the clearest and brightest and Step 3 is the weakest. So, to strengthen and stretch out your supply of Glow-in-the-Dark clay, feel free to blend in with these other clay options.

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