Embracing the Hideous

Teresa Pandora Salgado

Keep this to yourself, ok? Sometimes I make some truly ugly canes. No lie, my friends. I blend and blend and reduce and reduce and combine and combine and I manage to create something not only underwhelming, but downright grotesque.

Such was the case with the cane used in this bowl. You’ll notice I provide NO pictures of the cane. That’s not an oversight. You will never see the cane while I draw breath. So, what do we do with a cane that’s on the fast track to nowhere? Slice it up the wrong way, that’s what!

How to Adjust a Bad-Looking Cane

Cut a piece about the thickness of a nickel. Now lay it down and chop it into strips like it’s a piece of flank steak and you’re fixin’ fajitas. Turn the strips on their side. Hey, not bad, right? Now lay the strips end to end on a form, starting in the center going outward.  (I use three-for-a-buck dollar store bowls because … Dude, they’re THREE for a DOLLAR!) Leave a little space in between. When your form has got a spiral of mini fajita strips all the way to the top, set it aside. Extrude a long round strand of a solid color. Wind it around the form in the space between the strips. Here’s the sneaky part. Push the lines up and down in a wavy pattern. Hey, that looks pretty cool! I placed a slice of rose cane in the bottom of this one because my beginning spiral was way weak. Then I reduced the rest of the rose cane and it and put it around the top rim so it would look like I planned it all along. This bowl turned out to be one of my most popular pieces ever. It sold about fifteen minutes after I posted it. Go figure.