Elephant Mini Planter Tutorial

Elephant Mini Planter Tutorial by Katie Oskin

Love air plants, tiny succulents, or faux plants made from polymer clay? Here's a quick and easy little mini planter project made from polymer clay and a few basic supplies that you can have fun with in your studio! 

- Grab some greyish colors of clay. Any that you have on hand will do. [Watch the video on how I use my clay box here]

- I used all Premo clays in Rhino Grey, Granite, Graphite Pearl, & a touch of Black.

- Now marble that clay! Don't make it too blended. I like mine to have nice color variation.

- Take about half and roll it into a big ball.

- Now make a part of it the remaining into a tail. You can add some thread out the middle if you'd like, I did.

- Take two rounds using the large Sculpey Round Cutter Set and cut two ears. Shape and press onto each side.

- Now add a trunk and two eyes.

- Use the large Sculpey ball tool from the Style & Detail Tools Set and create a large opening in the middle of the elephant for a plant to sit.

- Bake in the oven at 275 for 60 minutes.

- Allow to completely cool in the oven.

- Embellish with acrylic paints.

- Place the plant of your choice in the middle of this adorable mini planter & enjoy.

Thanks for joining me today!