Here is a super easy way to make fun Holiday Candy Canes or Lollipops for gifts, packages or your own tree!

I used Premo clays in Frost White Glitter, Pomegranate, and Green.   Condition your Frost White Glitter clay really well and then roll out a long snake maybe 5" or so about 3/4" thick.  Next make two very thin snakes of Pomegranate and Green.   (you can use your clay extruder if you want these to be perfectly the same size)

Crafting Sculpey Candy Canes

Attach these to your White snake alternating red, then green spaced around the log so the Frost White is showing in-between.


Roll the snake a bit so that the red and green become attached and flattened to the White.

Now twist to make it look like a candy cane and roll again so it is nice and smooth.   Cut into equal sizes and bend into candy cane shapes.   Use a little Bake and Bond and add a wire loop for hanging at the top of each.

To make a lollipop roll the snake even thinner.  Now roll into a spiral.  Cut off the cotton ends of a Q-tip.

Add a little Bake and Bond to one end and gently press into the bottom of your spiral shape.   You can make another wire loop for the top to hang or just make a whole at the top with a tool or toothpick.

Bake and then coat with Sculpey glaze for shine if you want.  Add ribbons.

They look good enough to eat I think!