One of my favorite parts of working with the liquid clays is adding powders and inks to get different colors and looks. Aside from the amazing clarity of the Sculpey Clear Liquid Clay is how smooth it pours when powders and inks have been added. After making the batch of eyes used for the project (view here) I continued playing around with adding more things into the liquid clay that would be used as the background for the eye.

Adding Powders to Liquid Clay

Glitter Eyes

First I tried adding super-fine glitter and Interference color Pearl Ex into the mix of liquid clay and standard Pearl Ex powder. The glitter adds a ton of sparkle while the interference powder creates this amazing glow. All three elements combined create a background that has amazing depth. The effect is magnified by the clear dome of clay that is the surface of the eye. I am not sure if the image shown with this blog shows the glitter and interference colors well enough or not but believe me, it looks fantastic.

Artist Pastel Eyes

Second I wanted to see how a more matte color background would look, and with a round pupil. To achieve this look I scraped my blade on a piece of artist pastel and mixed the dust from the pastel into the liquid clay. The color does darken, as you can see from the photo. Keep the darkening of the color in mind when choosing the color you would like to use. The black pupil will lose visibility when placed over a dark color background.