I am officially having entirely too much fun (if there is such a thing) making these eyes!  I wish had this idea while first writing up the project but as we all know that hindsight is 20/20.  It’s never too late for cool ideas so here goes…

Glittery Pupil Clay Dragon Eyes

Adding Detail
The addition of the color around the pupil is done after the thin layer of liquid clay is baked on over the pupil and before the background layer is added to the eye. In a separate small plastic cup I mixed up a super-glittery color that offers nice contrast to my chosen background color.  Next I took one of those small inexpensive plastic bristle craft paint brushes and trimmed the brush end down so it is pointed. I then proceeded to add the glittery color around the pupil by starting with the brush over the pupil and lightly brushing away from the pupil towards the outside edge of the eye.  I continued brushing on thin lines of the clay until I had gone all of the way around the pupil.  After the pupil was outlined I used the embossing heat gun to set the painted on clay.  It is important that you set this layer of clay before pouring on the background color.  It is also important that you wait for the clay to cool back down before pouring on the background color.
Extra Detail
I will definitely continue playing around with this and will continue to send updated ideas to Polyform to post for all of you “clayers” out there.