I like to do something creative every day. I really want to sketch and watercolor everyday, then clay. That would be ideal, but we don’t live in an ideal world. So I schedule and plan my creative times. Sketching is usually a quick 20 minute exercise that keeps my brain and hand in shape. I try to schedule clay time, usually a Sunday afternoon for me. That’s when I get the gear out, spread out on the table and make a mess. It’s so much fun!


Because I don’t have an area dedicated to clay work, I have to plan what I am going to do before I crack open the clay tool chest and disgorge its contents. Otherwise, it’s like a glittery squirrel running over my work space with my attention following the glitter trail. Off on one idea, then another and never getting anything done.


With that all said, do give yourself over to play days where you mess around with clay and perhaps other media. You never know what will come out of your hands as you work the clay. Just do something creative every day to keep that muscle in shape.