This morning I attended a brief lecture at our local history museum on ethics and design. While I don't consider myself a design professional, design is an important facet of our lives. The talk was part of the monthly lecture series put on by Creative Mornings ( These talks happen all over the world. I meet more interesting and creative people at these morning events. The Santa Fe events usually have a trio of musicians performing while we mingle, have coffee and rolls. Most of the time I only know one or two people, yet many know of me, so it makes for an interesting and inspiring morning.


This was the month’s topic and the speaker I listened to talked about the importance of design in our culture and what designer’s do professionally. While not a professional designer, I work in a variety of art and craft mediums, including polymer clay. I believe that design impacts us in great ways than we think about. Here’s my challenge for you: look around and take notice of design, good, bad or other wise, how does it affect your feelings and creativity? What you do to change the designs around you?