It’s been more than 4 years since I’ve done a retail craft show, but this spring, I decided to do one at my local botanical garden.  It's coming up fast!  The show allowed applicants to pick an indoor or an outdoor booth.  I chose indoor!  At least I won’t have to worry about the weather.  But I am needing to develop some new display ideas.  Here’s one new one I took to the Bead & Button show a couple weeks ago.

IMG_4674I took a fat snake of Sculepy Ultra Light, not tinted or blended or anything and pressed it into a serpentine shape.  I inserted 7 or 8 large gold paperclips (Staples) and textured the whole thing with the medium ball stylus tool.  Easy earring display!  Now to come up with some necklace pieces to match….


Have fun,