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The last days of summer have arrived, although the sun is up all year round! I wanted to savor these last few weeks with a sunny project.  I dipped into my paper crafting supplies and pulled out some rub-on transfers.  I was pleasantly surprised when I rolled my rub-on transferred clay sheet with my acrylic roller and it created such as even and beautiful crackle or mosaic effect!

My first step was forming a good sized clay sheet, laying the transfer onto the raw clay and rolling over it with my roller tool. I like that I can see through the roller to gauge how much crackle was happening underneath.  I then applied a thin, even layer ofSculpeyBake ‘N Bond to a small wooden hinged box and let it set for a few minutes.

I placed the rub-on design onto the clay sheet and very gently burnished over the design. It sticks to the clay! I covered the entire box (hinges, closure and all). When finished I let the clay cool down for a few minutes, then used a craft blade knife to carefully cut away the clay covering the hardware and cut a seam  with my blade tip right into the area the box lid sets on the box base. This way my design lined up easily! When finished with that step I decided to texture the remaining undecorated light blue clay areas with my smallest ball end Sculpey ball tool for an overall texture.The flower brooch is made the same way although I did not run the clay through the machine so the design stays intact.