Bold, Vivid, & Bright, Colors of Spring

Colors of Spring for Polymer Clay & Acrylic Paints

Colors of spring are those colors that make me feel happy, bouncy, and rejuvenated. Are there certain colors that you automatically gravitate to because of the way that they make you feel? Let's look at some tried and true spring colors to liven up your spring palettes.

Spring's Not Just For Pastels

Most people think that spring is the time of year for pastels. Well ... spring is MORE than just pastels. In fact, the colors of spring go way beyond pastels in my opinion. Sure, pastels are in easy solution for spring. But what about those rich, earthy natural tones that spring tends to hide for us? Or what about those bright pops of daffodils, or surprising boldness of tulips, or the wild effervescence of a hyacinth. Those early blooming spring flowers have a variety of colors and looking to them for inspiration can widen our color palette instantly.

Colors of Spring

Colors of Spring for Polymer Clay & Acrylic PaintsI am fascinated with color: bold, vibrant, rich, elegant color. There are few things that I make in my studio lack for color. In case you find yourself without a place to turn this spring, here's two of each Souffle and Premo colors that are right in lines with the bold & vibrant hues of a bright spring palette.

  • Soufflé Turnip
  • Soufflé Jade
  • premo! Wisteria
  • premo! Cadmium Yellow

And just in case you absolutely LOVE these shades of polymer clay and want to add a little extra frills and fancy to your designs, try adding a little bright pink, orange, or light antique white to your designs for an extra pop of spring pizazz!

Thanks for joining me today,

Clay on my friends,