Color combinations are a struggle for many crafters. As an artist I am a frequently asked how to put together great color combinations.  Color inspiration, for me is all around.  You have to open your eyes and learn to look for the way nature pairs them.  Often I find great color combinations at the unlikeliest of places.

The picture I am going to share below is of the outdoor dining garden of my favorite Thai restaurant in Wilmington, NC called Indochine.  It is by far the most exotic eatery in my sleepy coastal town and it is packed full within a few minutes of the doors opening each evening. I often take my camera with me when dining there.  On a recent visit I snapped a ton of great pictures and I have created a collage with the picture and the colors of clay I would use for a new creation.

When working in clay I like to use 3-5 colors at a time. I generally pick a dark, a light and a medium.  When working with 5 colors I choose the 3 above and then add a pearl or metallic and another accent color to be used in small amounts.  You can change the feel of the piece by altering the amounts of each color you chose to use.

I would love to see what you create with this color combination.  I hope it helps you to look around and find something that inspires you because great color combination are all around you.

polymer clay color combinations and inspiration