The picture for the Color Combination Inspiration came from a trip to NYC.  I had to make a stop at my favorite store, ABC Home and Carpet.  I could spend hours in the store shopping and taking pictures.  The home store has 5 floors of pure awesomeness.  Each time I go to the store their merchandise is different.  I never know what to expect. On this trip, the ground floor in the back left corner there was a section of imported items from India.  There were giant baskets of hand carved stamps.  After sorting through the stamps, I purchased a half dozen and took pictures too. I really wanted to sort all the way through to the bottom.  If my husband had not been with me on the trip, I might have parked my behind on the floor and gone through every single one.  But he was and I did not.  The stamps I purchased are very intricate and I want to stamp with them in clay.  If I do decide to use them I will be sure to share my project on here.


Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay neutral clay color combinations