So why is it that we are surrounded by every imaginable color but when we want to try a different color combination or mix up something special we get stuck?  The place I work is somewhat involved in interior design so we get all of these cool magazines.  I have taken to swiping them from my boss’s desk when he is out of town and flipping through them.  The benefits of going through these magazines are many but basically what it comes down to is color inspiration. 

Taking Colorful Clay Inspiration From Magazines

A long time ago an art teacher told me and my classmates that a good place to look to for color ideas is magazines.  My personal favorites are National Geographic (Sorry Dad, now you know where they disappear to after you’re done reading them) and home remodeling magazines.  I recently decided to start a scrapbook of sorts where I can keep a bunch of clippings to go back to when I am in the mood for something new.


So next time you’re just plum out of ideas head over to your local bookstore and peruse the magazine aisle in search of inspiration.


Check out these cool pictures I took of some magazine pages to show you what I mean.