Now this is a new concept and quite ingenious! Someone came up with a DIY cane slicer made out of Legos. I could not find the inventor's name, but the caption mentioned that Nina Fletcher shared this image on her Facebook page, and that she had found the photo on Cat Szetu's Flickr gallery. Just looking at this gives me a few new ideas on things we can make to use with our clay! Because clay can melt into plastic, I see that the designer placed the clay on a piece of paper, and also that the side edges that touch the clay are covered with tape. Very clever indeed.

Creating DIY Sculpey Clay Tools

You can make your own large cutter shapes from various types of metal. This crown is formed using pipe ribbon (found at home improvement stores), that is basically a roll of bendable metal that is about an inch wide. You can use metal tin snips or cutters to cut a strip and then simply bend it into your desired shape. It may be easier to draw the shape on on paper to use as a guide while shaping. Use a strong glue for metal to attach ends together and let dry overnight. Viola!









This is an herb mincer, which can be easily used with polymer clay. Just roll the mincer over a sheet of clay to cut evenly-spaced strips. The book that you see in the photo is there as a guide to keep the lines straight, although you can use any object with a straight edge. I've also seen a similar DIY cutter made like this using pizza cutter wheels or quilt fabric cutting wheels.








round cutters