Rainbows are so bright, colorful and fun to create.  This rainbow makes a great decoration for a jar but would also work fantastic as part of a wrapped gift, an ornament or the accent piece of a wreath.  I used my fave clay, Bake Shop, to make this one and had a ball doing it.

Clay Rainbow Confetti Jar

I sorted my colors first and got them ready to go.

Bake Shop Clay

Then I rolled the colors out like snakes and molded them together before shaping them into an arc.

Sculpey Rainbow Clay

I added clouds that I pressed together with my fingertips.  Then I baked as instructed.

Bake Shop Clay Rainbow

Once it was baked, it became hardened and ready to use as an embellishment to a project.

Sculpey Rainbow

I used wire to add it to a jar of paper confetti!  Ta Da!

Sculpey Rainbow

You could use this same clay and technique to make rainbow beads.  Here are the picture directions.




Fun, right?  Bake Shop is so simple to mold and fun to create rainbows, beads and so many things.  Go.  Go now and get some and get started!