Belonging to a polymer clay guild can be a great way to learn new techniques and push yourself to expand your creative world.  The guild I belong to has several swaps a year.  We are given a theme then it is up to each individual to interpret.  You make four items three to share and one to keep. This month I needed to come up with an idea for a swap with contrast as the theme.

Of course I procrastinated until the last minute. I thought about textural contrast but I took what I thought to be the easy route with black and white.  Many different ideas went thru my mind but I decided to use some simple canes to make a kaleidoscope. Just with black and white I made a skinner blend, checkerboard, striped, jelly roll and bull’s-eye canes. With the addition of a black and white sandwiched sheet my components were complete.

Creating Designs From Sculpey Texture Sheets

Contrast Steps

I love the way I can take simple canes and make something complex and beautiful.  After forming the triangle and reducing cane the big decision how I arrange the components.  There are many times I wish I had started off with more clay so I could make more variations. But I had to settle on one as time was running out.  After forming the hexagon I smoothed the edges to make it round.  I decided to make a pillow type of focal bead to share.  I made some thin even slices around some scrap clay. Then they were baked to cure. Then after a quick sand and buff they were ready to string on leather cording. The project was complete.  I guess sometimes I can work better under pressure.  It's easy for me to spend too much time overthinking a design then not getting anything finished.