As the (self-appointed) Queen of Stoobid Simple Clay, I just want to remind you that clay design doesn't have to be difficult or intricate to be effective.  This necklace, featured in this month's Bead It magazine, is super simple, but one of the most elegant necklaces I think I've created.

Sculpey Bead Projects Are Fun!

Magazines aren't always looking for the latest and greatest design or technique that makes people say, "Oh, my gosh! Look at all that work- I have no idea how they do that!" In fact, they often are looking for a design (like this one) that makes people say, "Oh my gosh! I like this and I COULD DO THAT!"

That' s my job, to make people WANT to do clay, to make it look easy and elegant and ALWAYS fun.  Ok, sometimes with the elegant, I do a lot of "playful" design too, like the giant clamshells with eyes necklace that graced the cover of another magazine years ago!

And by the way, there are at least three other projects in this magazine that I totally want to try, because they are quick, simple and very strong design and I can see that I can do it! In case you don't have the magazine handy, here is a closer look at the project.