I am so exited to be sharing with you this WHOLE WEEK LONG with ways to use clay in the classroom.  For this first day I am sharing a project that is equally excited for kids to create as it is for them to use as a tool for learning.  Using clay to create molds can be done with so many fun objects.  It is most effective if you have the students bring in things from home so they have a sense of ownership of this activity.

Creating Sculpted Clay Molds for Students

Mold Matchings Clay in the Classroom Laura Kelly

Okay, let's get started.

You will need an object for each student and Bake Shop clay.  THAT'S IT!

Sculpey Bake Shop Clay Mold Objects

Here is a little printable letter that you can use to send home for requesting objects that will work.  You can grab it HERE.

Parent Letter Small Object Request

Have your kiddos roll the clay into balls.

Bake Shop Clay Balls

Press them flat then gently press an object into each one.

Sculpey Impressions

Remove the objects before baking.  You have three options for baking the clay.  You can take it home and bake it.  You can get your cafeteria to support you.  Or...my favorite option is to bring a toaster oven and do it right in the classroom!

Ta Da!   With these masterpieces, you have educational manipulatives that you can use across all areas of learning.  Please share how you would use them in the comments for a chance to win a classroom set of Bake Shop Clay and some fun clay tools that work well with kiddos.

Sculpey Clay Mold Matching

Mold Impression Red

Look at the fabulous details from this key!


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