Puppets in the classroom are a great way to accomplish so many different learning strategies.  From simple story telling to problem solving, puppets allow students an opportunity to share in a way that gives them confidence and character.  For day number for of the series Clay in the Classroom, I am so thrilled to share two ways to use Sculpey’s Bake Shop clay to create puppets.

How to Create Sculpey Clay Puppets for Kids

Sculpey Puppets for the Classroom Laura Kelly

The first way to use the clay to make puppets is to make tiny creatures that go right on the fingers.  To do this you only need ONE thing…clay!  Roll a piece of clay into a ball that measures approximately 1 ½ inches in diameter.  Make sure you play with the clay until it is soft.

Sculpey Ball for Puppet

Push your finger into the ball creating a hole that will be the place the puppet will fit on the finger.

Molding Puppeto to Finger

Add details to your puppet then bake following the directions on the packaging.

Sculpey Finger Puppet In the Making

Another great way to create puppets is to use the clay to free form your characters.  After they bake, glue them to wooden sticks.  Ta Da!  Kids love to create their own characters.  You can do it this way or have them create characters from a classroom lesson or story for retelling.  Guess what story these are from.

Sculpey Puppets Three Little Pigs

Okay, share your ideas in the comments on the Facebook post (keeping it social).  One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a classroom set of Sculpey Clay.  Winners for the week will be chosen and announced next week!

Good Luck and Cheers,


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