It is day three of the Clay in the Classroom series and today I am sharing some fun ways to work with letters using Bake Shop clay.  Letters are such a huge part of the earliest years of school and finding ways to teach children who are mostly kinesthetic learners can be fun but challenging.  Using clay to help teach letter recognition, letter sounds and the making of words is a tool that can support all styles.

Transforming Clay to Increase Learning of Letters

Bake Shop Clay Letters in the Classroom Laura Kelly

Rolling the clay into long snake like forms is a favorite for a lot of kiddos so this first step is bound to be a winner.

Rolling Clay

Once the clay is rolled out, use the forms to create letters.

Letter E Bake Shop Clay

After the letters are baked, apply them to clothespins with a heavy duty glue.  I used Liquid Fusion on these.  If you are a fan of hot glue, know that they will pop off rather easily.


An easy learning center activity is to create felt shapes that can be matched up to the letters by the sound they make.  I created these with my dies that I designed for Ellison Education.

Clay Letters on Clips

I love the apple.  A is for apple is where it all begins, right?

Letter A Bake Shop Clay

You can also teach word formation with the letters on clips.

Clay Letters Forming Words

Teaching alphabetical ordering of the letters is a great way to use these as well.  Simply by supplying the alphabet pins a piece of rope in a container, you can create a learning activity for young children.

Clay Letters

Today's prize is awesome.  To enter for a chance to win it, comment and share other ways you think clay letters could be used as a learning tool.



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