Classroom manipulatives are used across the entire curriculum in the early grades.  While there are many different kinds out there to be purchased (and many more from kitchen drawers at home), it is really fun to make them to specifically fit your needs.  Using clay in the classroom is a way to involve your students in creating a sense of ownership of materials.  For day five of the Clay in the Classroom series, I am excited to show you a couple of ways to create manipulatives that support a variety lessons.

How to Encourage Fun Learning With Sculpey Clay

Clay in the Classroom DIY Manipulatives


Sorting is a skill that is taught early.  Some kids pick it up easily.  Others have a hard time.  These balls in different colors create a set of manipualtives that can be used to teach sorting by size and color.


Sculpey Classroom Manipulative Balls


This little helper chart is for sizing.  They work great for sequencing from smallest to largest too.




This helper chart is great for sorting.




You can use them in Venn Diagrams.


Venn Diagram Sculpey Manipulatives


For your older kids, making manipulatives with more detail is fun and meaningful.  These can be used for the lessons I already shared as well as used a game pieces and for story telling.


DIY Manipulatives


This little smiley makes me so happy.


Smiley Clay


I decided to use my die for cutting out badges (another one that I designed for Ellison Education) along with a a clay smiley face to make a prize!


Smiley Clay Badge Laura Kelly


Okay, share your ideas in the comments on the Facebook post (keeping it social).  One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a classroom set of Sculpey Clay.  Winners for the week will be chosen and announced next week!

Good Luck and Cheers,


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