It is the second day of sharing fabulous ways to use clay in the classroom.  Kids love love love to play with clay.  It is such a great way for them to create.  This activity is awesome because it supports your students in having a little bit f ownership in the classroom management system.  The best part is it is simple and fun and happy.

Introducing Kids to Beads and Baked Clay Projects

Bake Shop Beads for Classroom Management Laura Kelly

You will need two things....string and Bake Shop clay!  THAT's IT!

Clay Supplies

Give each kid a block of clay to use in creating a large bead.  Have them roll it into a ball.

Clay Beads in Progress

Supply each table or center with an assortment of colors of clay to decorate the outside of their balls.  When they are done, use the tool that creates a hole through the ball to turn it into a bead BEFORE baking.

Creating Hole in Clay Bead

Ta Da!

Bead Hole

When you class makes good choices, add beads to the string.  When it is full (could be length or count), reward your class with something special.  I used my apple die to create the die-cut shown here with a die that I designed for Ellison Education.  If you like the little sign, you can download it FREE HERE and use it too!

Classroom Management Beads with Bake Shop

If you don't want the hassle of stringing (which I really love for the display), you can always use them to fill a jar too!  The jar die is one of mine for Ellison Education too and is a super fun part of a whole pet shop collection!

Classroom Management Jar

Cheers to Happy, Healthy and Well Managed Classrooms,


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