If you are an Etsy, Pinterest or jewelry fan, then you've probably come across artists creating intricate, raised clay designs that resemble embroidery and appliqué. I'm no exception. As a designer and writer, I love to spend time developing various techniques to replicate other objects and surfaces outside of our medium.

One of my first published booklets on polymer clay contained textured faux fiber pieces that resembled sweaters and textured coats. Well that was then...and this is now! With several years under my belt (along with a few more pounds), I've revisited the look of fibers, and more specifically, EMBROIDERY. I was so thrilled to get my hands on the new Soufflé clay, as it has the perfect suede-like matte finish that many of these designs deserve!

Four Techniques for Sculpey Clay Embroidery Patterns

Stitches Cover Vol 1 website
I'm so excited to introduce my third digital Craft E-Book to you. The basic idea was conceived in 1992 while writing my booklet . Then, in 1998 I had the opportunity to have two pieces in THE RAVE/RAVENSDALE BOX EXHIBITION in Olympia, WA. The oval 'silk ribbon' embroidery box on the top left of this e-book cover is the actual display piece. I am by nature, a 'thorough' teacher, therefore I strive to incorporate as much information and inspiration as I can in each of my books. My digital "Clay Stitches Vol. I: Embroidery" contains four techniques, traditional, satin, silk and crewel embroidery. I include a chapter on mixing traditional color palettes and how to simulate different  fabric textures. I have many suggestions for the best  types of metal filigree and stampings to use, along with online resources to purchase them. I provide full size printable patterns when used and directions on an easy way to transfer them to your 'fabric' background. As with all of my e-books, I introduce readers to the basics on how to work with polymer clay, materials, tools, adhesives, conditioning, safety recommendations and how to finish their jewelry.