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Tips and Techniques

  1. Katie Oskin

    Colors of Spring are Bold, Vivid, & Bright!

    Bold, Vivid, & Bright, Colors of Spring Colors of Spring for Polymer Clay & Acrylic Paints Colors of spring are those colors that make me feel happy, bouncy, and rejuvenated. Are there certain colors that you automatically gravitate to because of the way that they make you feel? Let's look at some tried and true spring colors to liven up your spring palettes. Continue reading →

  2. Miranda Farrand

    Tips on Creating Aged Mummy Skin by Miranda Farrand of Miranda's Critters

    One of the reasons that Fall is my favorite time of year, is that there is such freedom with creativity. It's okay to be weird, wacky or even a bit fact, it's pretty much accepted and expected. I made this creepy, cute little mummy sculpture recently. To add to his appeal, I wanted to give what skin is visible...

  3. Anke Humpert

    A tip from me to you

    I really love bracelets and over the years I made lots of them. Of course I want to have a great design on the outside of the bracelet. after all that is what you see most of the time. But I also find it very important to have a nicely done inside and it should feel good when I wear my bracelet. Not too long ago I...

  4. Katie Oskin

    Bakeable Mixed Media Products

    Oven Safe Bakeables All month I have been addressing the ever important question, "what can I use with polymer clay" here on the blog. Today we are going to discuss not what you can use on polymer, but what exactly polymer can go on... In other words, here's a short list of things that can safely go in your oven and be baked right along with your polymer clay. Continue reading →

  5. Katie Oskin

    What is Polymer Clay Mixed Media?

    This month, I have been focusing on helping each of you understand how polymer clay might work and mix with other craft products. By definition, polymer clay that has anything done to it instantly becomes a "mixed media" project, piece, or design. So whether you add something on the surface of the clay or add it into the clay itself, you have created a mixed media piece. Continue reading →

  6. Katie Oskin

    Products You Can Use on Polymer Clay

    Products You Can Use Safely with Polymer Clay Products You Can Safely Use with Polymer Clay This month I am taking some time to talk about mixed media. In order to make mixed media work for polymer clay, you have to know the things that do work and the things that don't work. Today I'm going to help narrow down your search in the craft store because not everything can be safely used with polymer clay. Continue reading →

  7. Sculpey Design Squad

    Valentine's Day Treats Made With Love and Clay

        For a polymer clay artist, celebrations are great since it lets us become creative with a particular theme. I was able to create a fantastic Valentine's Day scene by making a variety of clay miniatures.           To make these mini sponge heart cakes, mix Ultralight clay with some colour and cut out into heart...

  8. Gretchen Amberg

    Not just for making hollow beads…

    The Hollow Bead Maker might just be the best thing since sliced bread and those of you who were previously using lightbulbs as a form for hollow beads probably agree.  Having a better tool has prompted me to do more work with hollow beads than I’d done in the past.  As I continue to play around with making hollow beads...

  9. Gretchen Amberg

    That Pesky Stuff Called Scrap

    I’m sure many polymer clay users out there can identify with the issue of having an abundance of scrap clay.  I personally don’t like the idea of just throwing clay in the garbage, and although I do manage to salvage some of it by working in “like colors”, I all too often end up with bits that when combined will...

  10. Sherri Kellberg

    Working with Liquid Sculpey to Create Faux Raku

        I'm working on some Faux Raku tab beads this week. Using brown hemp cord to assemble them into a bracelet. I used antique brass chain, and large end caps to complete the earthy look.         The pink/orange/gold tab bracelet was an experiment in Faux Raku. The pink/orange/gold tab bead bracelet, was an experiment of my...

  11. Teresa Pandora Salgado

    Psychedelic Snail Cane

    Try this easy cane with stacks of different colors, shades of the same color, or even pearls and translucents divided by white. You’ll want to build it big for easy slicing and lots of experimentation. I suggest a full package of each color. Works great with Souffle, Premo or, as in this example, both!  <3 Pandora   1 pkg each: Premo...

  12. admin

    Sculpey as a Household Tool by syndee holt

    We all joke that you can do anything with Sculpey, so I thought I would show you some of my recent "fixes" with Sculpey.  First, my gate latch.  I got tired of it not closing (when we slam it), so I put a little bit of baked, extuded clay in the back of it so the latch can't lay back...

  13. Nadia Michaux

    A great way to use Sculpey Clay Softener

    Sculpey Clay Softener feels like oil and it will turn any old, dry and crumbly clay into pliable clay (just like fresh clay from the pack!). I've even used it on other branded polymer clay and even Sculpey Ultra Light. A little goes a long way so this small bottle will last for a very long time. I am a...

  14. Sculpey Design Squad

    Fun faux clay techniques for jewelry

    I love working with faux clay techniques to create stones and faux metals for use in my jewelry.  There are may tutorials out there and I have created a lot of my own and wanted to share some other bloggers versions of a faux  technique.  I like Practically Functionals version and the look of the faux turquoise she creates.  Hers is heavier...

  15. Katie Oskin

    The Importance of Keeping a Polymer Clay Journal

    Many have wondered if they should be keeping a polymer clay journal. In my opinion, I think a polymer clay journal is essential for cataloging where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how you might get there. Think of it as a little “glimpse” into your studio over time. What Kind of Things Might Your Write Down? Colors you’ve used...

  16. Teresa Pandora Salgado

    Sculpey Soufflé- The Chameleon of Clay

    Sculpey Soufflé-The Chameleon of Clay Right off the bat I’ll admit it. Thoughts of polymer clay and its particular properties dominate way too many of my waking hours. Here’s my rationale, though: I could be worrying about lots of other stuff I can’t control, like climate change, cybercrime, and the catastrophic caloric content of Pop Tarts; but instead, I choose...

  17. Shirley Rufener

    Who Doesn't Love Images?

    Who Doesn't Love Images? Over the years there have been many image transfer techniques developed. Allow me to share two newer ideas for you to try. The first is simple rub-on transfers. You will need to bake a flat or domed white clay piece as your base. This keeps the colors true. These "PARTY TIME" magnets were created with this...

  18. Teresa Pandora Salgado

    The Cane Mutiny: Bending Millefiore

    I love to cane. If not for incidentals such as bathing, eating and sleeping, I’d make cane 24/7. I think it’s because I’m a rebel (ok, a rebel with OCD). I need constant opportunities to experiment and grow, and that’s what millefiore caning allows me to do. A Technique for Clay Caning After my first five years of making cane...

  19. Sculpey Design Squad

    Super Easy Bell Flowers

    I just want to show you how easy it can be to make some nice bell flowers. Just make a sheet of clay in your favorite colour , mabye a skinner blend or just a one toned sheet. Use the round cutters to punch out circles,any size you want. Roll them up in one end and insert a needle tool...

  20. Sculpey Design Squad

    Homemade Texture Tool

    I'm pretty sure it comes from necessity, that as a mother, I need to be able to cram a lot of tasks into a small amount of time. When it comes to my critter sculpting it's no different. I made this simple texture tool from left-over scrap clay and 20 gauge craft wire. I've used it for making sand texture...

  21. Sculpey Design Squad

    How to Fix a Boo-Boo

    It happens to the best of us. You get in a hurry and forget to check for air bubbles that sometimes form between your clay and the armature of your critter body. Everything looks okay on the surface of things, then the next thing you know, you’re pulling a critter out of the oven that looks like it’s about to...

  22. melissa piddington

    From Mess to Masterpiece…or Something like That

    Recently a newfound clay friend posted a picture of a neat little organizer that would keep each package of opened clay pristine & clean & easy to use. In the ensuing conversation, I said that I keep mine in a jumbled mess tossed willy-nilly into gallon-sized zip lock bags by color family (greens, blues, browns, reds, etc.). I tried to...

  23. Sculpey Design Squad

    Broke it?

    Sometimes things break that we spent a lot of time making. Maybe it breaks because it is not properly cured or because we forgot to use Oven bake clay adhesive to adhere raw clay on to baked. I broke some pieces when I drilled them, they were layered so nowadays I use Bake and Bond more often. Anyway! If you...

  24. Sculpey Design Squad

    Lilies of the valley

    I made a post some time ago here in this blog and i asked if you like me loved cherry blossoms, now i will ask- "Don´t you just love Lilies of the valley?" A friend of mine that is a talanted jewellrymaker asked me about a year ago to make her Lilies of the valley flowers. I took me a...

  25. Sculpey Design Squad

    Baby wipes tips.

    Something is wrong for sure! It is quiet! I´m home alone! The kids are out with their dad and my brother looking for a new/used car for my brother, this is very rare, me home alone i mean. So here i am sitting by the computer  clean ( just showerd) and fed thinking about baby wipes. Yep, baby wipes! I...

  26. Syndee Holt

    Syn's Photo Tip: Add a Signature

    Have you noticed the Polyform logo or my name on recent photos I've posted here?  That's because I made a custom brush in Photoshop with the logo and one with my name.  Tricky right?  Actually, it's really stupid simple and takes about 15 seconds. (Okay, it take ME about 2 minutes to pick the font though.) I can't believe I...

  27. Sculpey Design Squad

    Sculpey Soufflé Causes a Left Turn to the Right Side of My Brain

    So, I had a new blouse....with a excuse to create a custom necklace based on the pattern and colors, right?  Of course, I wanted to use Sculpey Soufflé and the colors matched the trending colors in the blouse right out of the package.  Can I get any luckier?  Yes, because it was a floral pattern on the blouse, so...

  28. Shirley Rufener

    Clay Embroidery...using Sculpey Soufflé!

    If you are an Etsy, Pinterest or jewelry fan, then you've probably come across artists creating intricate, raised clay designs that resemble embroidery and appliqué. I'm no exception. As a designer and writer, I love to spend time developing various techniques to replicate other objects and surfaces outside of our medium. One of my first published booklets on polymer clay contained textured faux fiber pieces...

  29. Syndee Holt

    What Can YOU Do With Stripes?

    I'm building on my black and white swap post from a couple of days ago. Black and white is still trending for Spring and Summer, so  I challenged myself to see what I could make with a block of black and white striped Premo clay.  My block was 2 x 21/2 inches and about 14 layers high (on the #1...

  30. Sculpey Design Squad

    Stamping in Clay - Mosaic Photo Frame and jewelry

    Mosaic can be created with a variety of matierials.  For a home decor piece I chose to use Premo Sculpey in a variety of colors that fit with my colors.  You could chose colors to match your home decor.   While I am pulling out older projects I thought I would share some jewelry pieces with you too.  Jewelry is...

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